Lost and found

We have displayed the many lost winter articles of clothing on the tables in the front lobby. Teachers will take their classes by during the next few days. Please feel free to come into the school if your child(ren) are missing anything. At the end of next week, leftover clothing will be donated to charity.

Exchange student opportunity

March 2015

Dear W E Johnston parents,

We have a wonderful opportunity for the families in our school community to make a friend of a student from abroad and to be an ambassador for our city and region. Families who have done this before have told us that the experience of hosting has been enriching and enjoyable for everyone.

We are inviting families to consider this vision; we will be holding a Host Recruitment Information Night at W E Johnson on April 1st at 7:30 PM.

Among the subjects discussed will be the support offered, ongoing access to a professional Relationship Manager, twenty-four hour emergency assistance, and a generous host stipend to offset expenses.

If you are interested in attending, please register by contacting Nelson Williams at 613 686-6764 ext. 2046 or by emailing nelson@canadahomestaynetwork.ca. Please note that colleagues, neighbors, friends and relatives are also welcome to attend!


Marilyn Burrans

Parent Resource Library

A sincere thank you to the School Council  and especially to Mrs. Jennifer Ljungstrom, for purchasing and setting up a Parent Resource Library.  The following books/resources have been purchased and are available for parent sign-out.  Should you wish to sign out a book, simply send an email to our Library Technician, Mme Poirier.  monique.poirier@ocdsb.ca   Mme Poirier will send the requested item home with your child.


  • 1-2-3 Magic – Effective Discipline For Children 2-12            
  • The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make – A guide for teens        
  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families – Building a beautiful family culture in a turbulent world            
  • 7 Keys To Comprehension – How to help your kids read it and get it!          
  • The 7 Worst Things Parents Do        
  • The ADD Answer – How to help your child now        
  • All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome   
  • All Dogs Have ADHD
  • Better Food For Kids – Your essential guide to nutrition for all children from age 2 to 6       
  • Better Food For Kids – Your essential guide to nutrition for all children from age 2 to 10     
  • Between Interruptions – 30 women tell the truth about motherhood 
  • Beyond The Blues – A workbook to help teens overcome depression         
  • Boundaries With Kids 
  • Bringing Up Boys       
  • Bullied Teacher, Bullied Student – How to recognize the bullying culture in your school and what to do about it                     
  • The Bully, The Bullied, And The Bystander – From preschool to high school:how parents and teachers can help break the cycle of violence        
  • Catch A Falling Star   
  • Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart kids – Teaching kids of every age the value of money 
  • A Cook’s Bible – More than 100 mouth-watering recipes for the whole family         
  • Coping With Depression In Young People    
  • Creating Young Writer – Using the six traits to enrich writing process in primary classrooms         
  • Cyber Bullying           
  • Don’t Pick On Me – Help for kids to stand up to & deal with bullies
  • Einstein Never Used Flash Cards – How our children really learn–and why they need to play more and memorize less            
  • Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids To Know About Sex, (but were afraid they’d ask – The secrets to surviving your child’s sexual development from birth to the teens   
  • The Explosive Child – A new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children       
  • French Kids Eat Everything (and yours can too) – How our family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters
  • Get Out Of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me And Cheryl To The Mall – A parent’s guide to the new teenager                     
  • Goodnight iPad – A parody for the next generation    
  • The Grief Recovery Handbook – The action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses                       
  • Hard Time & Nursery Rhymes – A mother’s tales of law and disorder        
  • Help! My Family’s Messed Up          
  • Help Yourself For Teens – Real-life advice for real-life challenges  
  • Honey, I Wrecked The Kids  
  • How Good Parents Raise Great Kids – The six essential habits of highly successful parents         
  • How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk 
  • How You Can Survive When They’re Depressed – Living and coping with depression fallout        
  • I Bet I Won’t Fret – A Work book to help children with generalized anxiety disorder           
  • I Don’t Want To Talk About It
  • The Incredible 5-Point Scale -Assisting students with autism spectrum disorders in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses          
  • The Incredible Years – A trouble-shooting guide for parents of children aged 2-8 years      
  • Inside Asperger’s Looking Out           
  • Keys To Parenting Your Anxious Child                     
  • Kids Are Worth It – raising resilient, responsible, compassionate kids          
  • Kids, Parents, And Power Struggles – Winning for a lifetime
  • Last Child In The Woods – Saving our children from nature-deficit disorder
  • Letters To A Bullied Girl – Messages of healing and hope    
  • Life Strategies For Teens      
  • Lifetimes – A beautiful way to explain death to children        
  • Little Girls Can Be Mean – Four steps to bully-proof girls in the early grades           
  • Look Me In The Eye - My life with Asperger’s
  • Making Sense Of Phonics – The hows and whys     
  • Mother-Daughter Wisdom – Understanding the crucial link between mothers, daughters, and health                                
  • The Motivation Breakthrough – 6 secrets to turning on the tuned-out child  
  • My Friend Has ADHD           
  • My Friend Has Autism           
  • My Friend Has Down Syndrome       
  • My Friend Has Dyslexia        
  • No Body’s Perfect – Stories by teens about body image, self-acceptance, and the search for identity      
  • Now That You Know – What every parent should know about homosexuality                     
  • The Optimistic Child – A proven program to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilience        
  • Other People’s Children         
  • The Pampered Child Syndrome – How to recognize it, how to manage it, and how to avoid it : a guide for parents and professionals      
  • Parenting Through Crisis – Helping kids in times of loss, grief, and change 
  • The Parent’s Success Guide To Organizing 
  • Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters – How the quest for perfection is harming young women          
  • Perfect Parenting – The dictionary of 1,000 Parenting Tips
  • Raising Your Spirited Child – A guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic   
  • Reaching Out, Joining In – Teaching social skills to young children with autism      
  • Reading Magic – Why reading aloud to our children will change their lives forever 
  • The Reading Zone – How to help kids become skilled, passionate, habitual, critical readers                      
  • The Rules Of Parenting         
  • The Schools Our Children Deserve – Moving beyond traditional classrooms and “tougher standards”                   
  • Secrets of the teenage brain: research-based strategies for reaching & teaching today’s adolescents : research-based strategies for reaching & teaching today’s adolescents      
  • Secrets Of The Teenage Brain – Research-based strategies for reaching & teaching today’s adolescents                       
  • Sexual Predators – How to recognize them on the Internet and on the street : how to keep your kids away                       
  • Smart But Scattered – The revolutionary “executive skills” approach to helping kids reach their potential 
  • A Smart Girl’s Guide To Friendship Troubles – Dealing with fights, being left out & the whole popularity thing           
  • Some Kids Are Blind  
  • Some Kids Are Deaf  
  • Some Kids Have Autism       
  • Some Kids Use Wheelchairs 
  • Some Kids Wear Leg Braces
  • Study Strategies For Early School Success – Seven steps to improve learning                  
  • Talking To Your Kids About Sex – Turning “the talk” into a conversation for life                  
  • Train Your Brain To Be A Math Genius         
  • Trust Me, Mom — Everyone Else Is Going – The new rules for mothering adolescent daughters               
  • The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook – Over 100 kid-friendly recipes for the allergic child             
  • Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities – A common-sense guide for parents and professionals                
  • Very Short Tall Tales To Read Together       
  • What Do I Do About The Kid Who – 50 ways to turn teaching into learning                                     
  • What Happens When Someone Dies – A child’s guide to death and funerals                      
  • The “What’s Happening To My Body?” (Book for boys)                   
  • Wheat-Free, Milk-Free, Egg-Free Cooking   
  • When A Parent Is Depressed – How to protect your children from the effects of depression in the family 
  • When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All The Answers – How to meet their social and emotional needs   
  • When Someone You Love Has Cancer        
  • When Your Kids Push Your Buttons And What You Can Do about It.          
  • The Whole-Brain Child           
  • The Wonder Of Boys – What parents, mentors and educators to do to shape boys into exceptional men  
  • The Working Parents Handbook       
  • The World Needs Your Kid – Raising children who care and contribute       
  • You Read To Me, I’ll Read To You – Very short stories to read together      
  • Your Child’s Self-Esteem – The Key to Life    





February 2015 News Update

February 2015 has been an extremely cold month and we have spent more than a fair share of recesses indoors. However, there are still lots of activities taking place.

Intramurals continue: pinball at the Junior level; basketball and volleyball at the Intermediate level.

Many primary students have been playing chess in Mr. Jackson’s room or learning to knit in Ms. Lewis’ Finger Knitting Club. Primary Dance is just beginning.

 Junior and Intermediate students continue to participate in Chess and Scrabble with Mme Noel.

Band students are rehearsing for Music Fest.

The Junior and Senior Kindergarten students, along with the Grade 2 students had Dental screenings.

 Grade 3 students participated in a “Swim to Survive Day” – they so enjoyed a day in the pool rather than another indoor recess on a frosty day.

Grade 8 students visited the Earl of March for a tour and discussion about transitioning to High School. Their graduation photos have been taken!!

The MFI students have participated in their class and school “Art Oratoire”. The finalists will be participating in the Board finals in March.

“Scientists in the School” have led our Grade 1 students in a myriad of activities and experiments.

Boys and Girls Junior Triple Ball team attended a tournament at A. Lorne Cassidy. The players displayed excellent teamwork and spirit.

Thank you for supporting Toonie Tuesday, which occurred February 24th in support of the OCDSB Education Foundation.  This fund supports students in emergency situations with food, clothing and medical needs. We raised $1,476.00!

Our primary students thoroughly enjoyed their Primary Winter Play Day. A special thanks to the junior leaders and their friends for helping the younger students. Also a warm thank you to our parent volunteer, Mrs. Cramm, for making the hot chocolate for all to enjoy when they came back inside.

The Junior and Intermediate Winter Activity Day at Mount Pakenham finally took place on the 26th. Regrettably, the first Activity Day had to be cancelled on the 20th, due to the extreme cold weather. This day has been rescheduled for Friday, March 13th. A heartfelt thank you to all the parent volunteers, who helped make this a fantastic and fun day.  This activity would not have been possible without you!

The Kindergarten’s Winter Play day also took place on Thursday the 26th. The children enjoyed pancakes in the morning and outside fun in the sunny afternoon.

During the month of February, as part of character education, the primary classes focused on the trait of INTEGRITY. We can demonstrate this trait in many ways. For example…people who have integrity behave ethically and honourably. They are truthful and courageous. They are honest, loyal, and trustworthy. They stand up for what is right even when it is hard. Congratulations to a number of primary students who demonstrated this important character trait so well. Their names are added to the other recipients on the upstairs wall.

Grade 8 students returned to the Earl of March, Friday February 27th to participate in “Youth Talks“, which gives the students the opportunity to hear from their high school peers on a variety of topics that influence their school and everyday lives.

We are looking forward to busy March and hopefully the warmer weather will begin to roll in.

Marilyn Burans


January 2015 News Update

It’s 2015 and we are off to a busy and active start.

Intramurals are back.   Bordenball at the Junior level continued for the first couple of weeks of January and has now concluded. Pinball is now underway. “Les Maisons” are accumulating points!

The Intermediates are in full volleyball play during recess times.

This fall, some classes participated in the Royal Canadian Legion’s Literary and Poster competition.  WEJ did an amazing job with 10 students placing in different categories.  A BIG CONGRATULATION to those students who placed in the top 3 in various categories and who were recognized at the Kanata Legion on Sunday January 18th.

During the month of December, as part of our continuing character education, the primary classes focused on the trait of Appreciation.  The students demonstrated this in many ways; by being grateful for all that they have, by being thankful for the support that others have given them, and by being generous in recognizing the contributions of others.  During the month of January, the classes focused on the trait of Cooperation.  The attribute is demonstrated in a number of fashions.  A few examples are: people who cooperatively work with others help make a peaceful community.  They are willing to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions.  They work well with others to solve problems and differences of opinion. Congratulations to a number of primary students who demonstrated these two very important character traits.  Their names are added to the other recipients on the upstairs wall.

On January 9th, two student reps from each grade 6 and 7 class, along with the same groupings from Stephen Leacock and Roland Michener attended a preliminary transition Field Trip to the Earl of March. Jon Harris, Principal of the Earl of March, along with teachers and high school students made them feel at home.  Activities included: thinking about items for a time capsule, seeing the plans of the new school, a tour of the construction site, lunch in the cafeteria with grade 12 students sitting and talking to them about the EOM, games in the “big” gym and a chat session with grade 9 students. These students have shared their experiences with their classmates and will be taking comments and posing questions back on a return visit.

More transition activities are in the planning phase – i.e., a parent evening, a BBQ with students, parents, teachers . . . we will keep you posted.

On January 9th, the Intermediates attended an OCDSB presentation “OCDSB Youth Talks” and on January 27th were back at the Earl of March for a “Tech Tour”.

January 14th saw the Intermediate students attend a MADD presentation in the school’s gym.

A number of families were out and thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s Big Hero 6 which aired in WEJ’s gym on Thursday January 15th.  Once again A BIG thank you to our School Council parents for organizing this fun evening activity.

An EOM transition meeting was held on Monday January 19th.  Superintendent, Brett Reynolds, Principals and Teachers from W. Erskine Johnston, Stephen Leacock and Roland Michener, Trustee Christine Boothby, Facilities personnel, School Chairs, and transition representatives attended. Discussion items included: construction schedule; (progressing on time); EOM renovations; upcoming logistic meetings with the respective schools; staffing of teachers; EOM start time of 8:40 and transportation.  Minutes of the transition meeting should be published shortly and will be available on the OCDSB website and will also be posted on WEJ’s website.

Kindergarten Information Night was held on January 22nd.  Kindergarten registration began on Monday January 26th and is on-going.

WEJ’s Recess Guitar Club was invited by Councilor Marianne Wilkinson to perform “O Canada” at City Hall to Council this past Wednesday morning. The students not only played “O Canada”, but were asked by Mayor Watson to play another piece.  The club enthusiastically performed a Taylor Swift song, which inspired a number of councilors to get up and dance.  Following their performance, the students were treated to a tour of City Hall and some treats.  Look for this activity in the Kanata Kourier soon!

On Wednesday evening, January the 28th, four grade 8 students auditioned for the OCDSB All Star Concert Band, a group made up of the top grade 8 musicians from around the city.  Congratulations to all four students who were accepted in the All Star Band.  WOW!!

We had an exciting couple days this week for WEJ competitors at Skills Canada events! On Wednesday, January 28th our teams competed with honour in Construction, Lego Robotics, Lego Mechanics, Tech, Health & Safety, Character Animation and Green Energy. We’re thrilled to announce that WEJ placed FIRST in Health & Safety, receiving the gold medal and some students will be going to Waterloo to compete in the provincials in May!! We also took home silver in Lego Robotics, Lego Mechanics, and Construction whose teams surprised the crowd! The Green Energy team was also given an honourable mention by judges for their risk taking by designing a truly green wind turbine that amazed them all. Tech and Character Animation teams met the difficult challenges with grace and put in an admirable effort.

On Thursday January 29th, 2 teams competed in the Cardboard Boat Race. Our teams kept up a WEJ tradition and brought home gold and silver medals! One boat held the most weight at 490 pounds, the other an incredible speed of 23 seconds! Both teams will be going to Waterloo to compete at provincials in March!

Intermediate students have had immunization clinics this month.

Intermediate and Junior students have attended presentations by the school’s Public Health Nurse here at the school.

Throughout the month, Grade 4 – 6 MFI students are invited to “Club de Lecture” with Mme Gunn.

Students are continuing to participate in Chess and Scrabble with Mme Noel this month.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our grade 5 and 6 students who are our Lunch Helpers this term.

Primary students have been invited to be part of a new finger knitting club which takes place every Wednesday during the recesses.

Primary chess Club occurs in Mr. Jackson’s room.

Reports cards for students from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8 will go home Wednesday, February 4th

The Middle French Immersion Information Evening takes place Thursday, February 5th starting at 6:30 p.m.in the Library

The Transfer period runs from February 9th to the 20th.  Transfer forms are available from the school office.

“Girls on the Run” and “Girls on Track” are coming to WEJ.  This program is a positive youth development program which combines an interactive curriculum developing self-respect, with training for a non-competitive 5 KM run/walk.  WEJ will be running the “Girls on the Run” program for girls in grade 3 to 5 and the “Girls on Track” program for girls in grades 6 to 8.  The program runs for 10 weeks on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 4:00 – 5:15 p.m.   Information was presented to the girls on January 27th and registration information was handed out.  Space is limited to 20 spots for each program.  For more information please visit girlsontherun.ca or contact Mme Winters.

Student Absence

Thank you very much for calling in your child’s absence or late arrival.  It is a tremendous help in ensuring students have been accounted for in a timely fashion.  Please call 613-592-4492 and leave a message on the voicemail 24 hours a day or by email at werskinejohnstonps@ocdsb.ca.

Marilyn Burans