Photo Day At W. Erskine Johnston Public School

Thursday  October  15 by Earl Havlin Photography  (613) 739-3275

Family Photo Night (same prices as photo day) (Proof system, no appointments needed)Thursday  October 15  (4:30-6:30pm)

You do not have to send any money or orders on photo day. PROOF envelopes will be sent home. At that time you can choose to order packages by indicating the PROOF #, enclose payment in the envelope provided and return to the school by the due date shown.

If you are not satisfied with the proofs you can bring your envelope to the RETAKE DAY to be photographed again.

If your student missed the class photo, you can inform the photographer on the RETAKE DAY and we will digitally “add” the student into the class photo.

Retake Day will be Thursday Nov 12

For best results dress in bright colours and try to avoid white or black. The Background will be a mid tone Blue (not as dark as last year). All students will receive a free class photo regardless if you order any packages.

If you have any questions concerning photo day please call Earl at (613) 739-3275 or email—

NEW online ordering at with payment options of Paypal or credit card

School telephone call

A synervoice phone message and email was sent out this afternoon. It is regarding WEJ Council.  We have heard that there are difficulties with the phone message.  Please disregard the school phone message.  You do not need to call the school.

A new message will be sent out tomorrow.    Please see earlier post for the message.

Thank you.

Marilyn Burans


OCDSB Fall Speaker Series

The OCDSB Speaker Series offers free presentations to the community and seeks to provide parents and educators with access to leading ideas in education that will allow us to work collaboratively to better support student learning. The series is sponsored by the District’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) and supported through grant funding from the Ministry of Education.  Please see the attached poster for more information about each presentation, including dates and times.

Urgent – School Council Meeting Monday October 5th


No Lunch Program, No Fundraising…

This past Tuesday, WEJ Council held its first meeting of the 2015-16 school year to elect this year’s School Council. Unfortunately, only 4 parents attended, including the two former co-chairs who have chosen not to run this year.  WEJ Council is the VOLUNTEER parent run council which operates events and, importantly, fundraising for school resources.  It also provides us with a voice on important school board committees when issues like a boundary review come up.

THE BAD NEWS: this means that we have no WEJ Council elected yet for this school year.  This means:

  • NO lunch programs.  While we have volunteers to administer the lunch program, Council needs to exist and have co-chairs and a treasurer to operate the fundraising.  Until there is a Council elected, there will be no Pizza or Pita Pit orders.
  • NO fundraising: last year fundraising (largely the lunch program but also other events) raised $25,000 which was provided to the school for important resources such as tablets and laptops.  With no council these funds will not be raised this year.
  • NO events: no movie nights, no BBQs, no fairs.  We have a great team of volunteers who also help out with these events, but Council needs to exist for them to happen.
  • NO way to spend the $500 grant provided to Councils each year by the Ontario government.
  • THE GOOD NEWS:  We have amazing volunteers set to help out with things like the administration of the lunch program. We have a secretary willing to be elected to take minutes and manage things like email and the website.  We have great, enthusiastic parents ready to help make our school the exciting, vibrant place that it is when we have an engaged parent community.  We have past co-chairs more than happy to answer questions and provide advice.  All this means that stepping up to act as a co-chair, treasurer or Council member will be easy!
  • HOW YOU CAN STEP UP:  Another meeting will be held on Monday, October 5th at 6:30pm in the WEJ Library to make a final attempt at electing a WEJ Council for this year.  
  • Please attend the meeting and become involved in our terrific school community. Thank you very much.  Marilyn Burans


School Council Meeting



Welcome back parents to a new school year at WEJ!  There are big changes at WEJ this year, as we have said Goodbye to our grade 7 & 8s and some near-and-dear staff! There are lots of exciting things happening at the school this year, and getting involved with School Council is a great way to know what is happening and contribute back to our children’s school!

Our first meeting of the year is this coming Tuesday night and we hope you can join us.  There will be elections for this year’s council and as both 2014-15 Co-chairs (Megan & Brian) are not seeking election this year, plus our 2014-15 Treasurer (Shelley) has moved on, we are in SERIOUS need of fresh faces!  Please consider stepping forward to play a role this year – there will be lots of experienced parents around (including Megan & Brian!) to help out!

WEJ’s Terry Fox Run/Walk

Terry Fox is an important person in Canadian History. His Marathon of Hope has raised over $600 million for Cancer Research. Once again, the staff and students of W. Erskine Johnston P.S. will participate in the Terry Fox School Run on Wednesday, September 30 from 3 pm – 3:30 pm. The students will be running on a circuit around the school grounds. 

This year we are going to give online donating a try. It saves up to 50% in paper and processing costs which means The Terry Fox Foundation can give more money to research. Donations can be made directly to W. Erskine Johnston by simply clicking the link below. The goal is to raise $2400 to contribute to the Terry Fox Foundation.

W. Erskine Johnston Fundraising Page:

We are looking forward to participate in this Canada Wide activity and raising some money to help find a cure for cancer.

We are very proud to be associated with the Terry Fox Foundation and believe that our involvement will fit in nicely with our focus on character education. Terry Fox certainly modeled the following values: heroism, strength, perseverance, courage, determination, integrity and most of all hope.

Here are some interesting facts about the Terry Fox Run:

  • The world’s largest Terry Fox Run is held in Cuba, which welcomes more Canadians than any other foreign tourists.  More than 1 million take part in the Cuban Run.
  • There are more that 45 runs in other countries around the world including China, India and Vietnam.
  • Every Terry Fox Run is organized and run entirely by volunteers, who have no budget.
  • The Terry Fox Run is the longest-running fun run in Canada.
  • The run doesn’t accept corporate sponsorship in keeping with Fox’s grassroots approach to the Marathon of Hope.
  • More than 3 million elementary pupils and high school students take part in more than 9,000 school Terry Fox runs.
  • There is no entry fee to join in the run, just a donation request.
  • The run funds all types of cancer research including lung, brain, breast, ovarian and childhood cancers.
  • A Terry Fox and Marathon of Hope exhibit took place at the Canadian Museum of History this year,  the 35th anniversary of Fox’s Marathon of Hope.
  • The Terry Fox Run’s lung cancer study has led to an app that can detect lung cancer at its earliest stage.
  • 35 – Age of the Terry Fox Run.
  • $600 million raised worldwide for cancer research.
  • 1980 – year Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope.
  • 5,373 kilometres he ran before he was forced to stop.

Welcome to W. Erskine Johnston P.S.

Hello.  We are excited to be back and starting the 2015-2016 school year here at W. Erskine Johnston P.S.  It is a great time to set up our classrooms, lay out the new school supplies, and enjoy the optimistic, energetic feeling after having enjoyed a wonderful summer break.

A special “Welcome” to our new students who are joining us at WEJ this year.  We are happy to see our students this week looking fresh, eager and excited to be back with their friends.

 This a good time for families to start the year off with positive routines that will enhance your child’s school success:

  • A regular bedtime
  • Healthy litterless lunches and snacks
  • A regular review/homework/study time of 10 minutes per grade level
  • Ensuring your child’s agenda is checked and signed, and/or checking the class blog each evening
  • Time for reading and less in front of the TV
  • Time for exercise and fresh air
  • Helping your child take responsibility for his/her cooperative behaviour and commitment to achieving a personal best this year.

The first month of school is a great time to get these positive habits in place.

Staffing News

We extend a warm welcome to our new office assistant, Ms. Avan Hoshyar and we welcome back Mrs. Shannon Keeling, who was on leave last year. We are fortunate to have Mme Benyelles, who is teaching the Grade 6MFI class and Mme Breese, who is teaching Primary Core French.

 Student Absence

It is most important that you report your child’s absence or late arrival by calling the school at 613-592-4492 or by email at

 Do We Have Your Number?

We have sent home a number of forms for you to read, sign and return. Kindergarten students will have their forms this coming Monday. Please return these forms to the school as soon as possible. Thank you. It is essential to let the office know IMMEDIATELY should your home, work or cell numbers change throughout the school year.  It is also very important to let us know should you move or your daycare changes.

 School Bus Transportation

WEJ has 9 buses and 3 van taxis this year.  The OCDSB transportation policy clearly outlines protocol for bus privileges.  Only those students who qualify for busing will be permitted to ride on the busses.  Students will be transported only on their designated bus with consistent pick-up and drop-off locations.  Any change will only be considered in the case of an emergency and must be arranged through the school office.

If you are picking up your child who normally rides the bus, you must sign him/her out in the office at the end of the day.

Parents can go on line and review any “bus delay” information from the OSTA website at  Parents may reach the Transportation Office at 613-224-8800 # 2383 until 5 pm for information about buses or in case of emergencies. 

Student Drop-Off and Parking


Thank you to the parents who are dropping their children off at the Lay-By on Varley Drive.

Please be advised that the small parking lot located off Varley  Dr. can only accommodate about a dozen vehicles and is intended for parents of Kindergarten students. Therefore, parking is limited to less than 5 minutes in this lot.  Due to the high number of school buses entering, the entrance way must be kept clear at all times, and therefore, there may be limited access to the small lot at any given point in time.

Older students, driven to school, should be dropped off at the Varley Lay-By.  Parents are asked not to park in the larger parking lot as those spots are reserved for school staff.

 Litterless Lunches Please

At our school, we participate in the Litterless Lunch Program.  Please send your child’s lunch in reusable containers in order to avoid creating extra waste.  Any litter remaining from your child’s lunch will be sent back home in his/her lunch box. Don’t forget to include spoons and forks.  The office is not able to supply these items. Thanks for your participation!

Student Safety

As a visitor/volunteer, you are asked to report to the main office upon school entry.  Please do not go directly to any classroom or onto the schoolyard at recess times.  If you are staying, we ask that you sign in and wear a visitor sticker while you are in the school building or on school property.  If you are withdrawing your child(ren) from school during school hours, please send a note to the teacher indicating the date, time and reason for leaving.  Office staff will call students down to the office to meet you. Parents are required to come in and sign out their child(ren) at the office if they are departing during school times.

Students who arrive late must receive an admit slip from the office.

We ask that you refrain from telephoning or coming into the office near the end of the school day to sign out your child, as office staff will not be able to contact your child in time.

W. Erskine Johnston Web Site

The school website is  We will be updating information on staff, class blogs, and upcoming activities over the next several days.

Extended Day Program

Before and after school care (EDP) is offered before and after school for students from JK to Grade 6.  Morning care is from 7:00 – 9:00 am and after school care is from 3:45 – 6:00 pm.  Entry and pick-up is through the door at the back of the school by the bus loop. Registration is ongoing and forms are available at the school office.


School staff is not permitted to administer medication (prescription or non-prescription) to any students without authorization from the parent and physician.  If it is necessary for your child to receive medication at school, an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board form must be completed by your doctor and brought to the school office.  Forms must be signed by the physician who prescribed the medicine.  Please do not send a note asking staff to administer any medicine on a casual basis; legally, we are not permitted to do so.  Should medication or dosage change, a new form must be completed and signed by the physician.

Allergy-Smart School

Help to make WEJ an “allergy smart” school by creating a safe environment.  Please do not send nuts/nut products or other allergens to school if your child has a classmate with a life-threatening allergy.  We appreciate you taking time to read labels of items to ensure there are no “hidden” ingredients that are of concern.

School Council

Please consider getting involved in supporting W. Erskine Johnston P.S. by joining our School Council.  The first meeting and the elections of the new Council for this year will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd in the library at 6:30 p.m.

Student Accident Insurance

Creating a caring and safe environment for our students is our top priority. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable precautions being taken, accidents can still happen. Some injuries may result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or employer group plans. As a parent/guardian, you become responsible for these expenses.

Student accident insurance is available for purchase, on a voluntary basis, through Reliable Life Insurance Company. Forms can either be picked up from the school office or downloaded at, or you may apply online at

The OCDSB encourages all parents/guardians to consider purchasing this insurance. If your child is involved in school related sports activities or is participating in any field trips out of the province you may wish to seriously consider the coverage options, which range from $13.00/year to $31.00/year. This coverage is for the entire calendar year and also applies outside of school hours.  If you have any questions, please call Binks Insurance Brokers directly at 613-226-1350.

Meet the Teacher and Barbecue

We have not been able to organize this event as yet.

Special Lunches and Milk and Juice

Thanks to the School Council, students will be able to participate in special lunches and/ or the Milk and Juice program.  Information will be coming from School Council shortly.

School Photo Day

On Thursday, October 15th, a photographer from Earl Havlin Photography will be taking individual and class photos of all our students and classes.  You are under no obligation to purchase the pictures.  This year, on the same day after school, a family photo evening will also be provided beginning at 4:30 p.m.

 Patrolled Crossing

We are fortunate to have an adult crossing guard at Varley Dr. and Carr Cres. Students, who cross there, do so under the supervision of the crossing guard.





First Day News

It was a good start to the school year this morning for our Grade 1 – 6 students.  We are thankful that it did not rain!  We welcomed a number of new Junior Kindergarten students and also welcomed back groups of Senior Kindergarten students.

The Extended Day Program is up and running for registered students in Grades 1-6.  Entry and pick-up will be through the door by the parking lot, at the back of the school.   Senior Kindergarten students who are registered in the EDP begin Thursday.  Registered Junior Kindergarten students may begin on their staggered entry day (this Thursday or Friday).

This school year, WEJ will be operating on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday schedule, rather than the 1 to 5 day cycle.

Class Schedule

9:00 – 9:15 Student/Bus arrival

9:15 – Student Entry

11:15 – 11:40 – Recess 1

11:40 – 12:00 – Lunch 1

1:40 – 2:00 – Lunch 2

2:00 – 2:25 – Recess 2

3:45 – Dismissal

School Bus Information

For school bus information please go to

School Agendas

We are expecting school agendas sometime this week.